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MNY (Maximum New York) is three things: a civics institution, a game, and a set of ideas. And so it has three corresponding goals: (1) train talent to enter the civic sphere, (2) make it as enjoyable as learning any other worthwhile skill, and (3) deploy that talent in the service of human capacity and well-being by growing New York City.

America needs visible aspiration; let us revive the great dream of New York City.


Founder: Daniel Golliher

MNY’s roots stretch to early 2019, when Daniel thought, “I’d like to learn the structure of NYC’s government.” That one project quickly became many (and included producing a map of the NYC charter), and his desire to understand the mechanisms of the city merged with his hope for its future. The result is a new civic philosophy, and an organization to house it.


For any questions or comments, you can email Daniel: daniel@maximumnewyork.com

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NYC abundance—more people, more housing, more opportunity, more greatness than ever.


Daniel Golliher

Ever upward and toward the brightest timeline.