Maximum University

Jul 3, 2023

Maximum University: the nucleus of NYC’s abundance politics, connected with adjacent scenes in the arts, technology, business, and more. We’re growing scenius for the city.

Abundance politics needs more education.

The Foundations of New York

The Foundations of New York is a seven-week class that gives New Yorkers the history, political theory, and political practice they need to conduct the politics of progress. Take a look at the course announcement for cohorts 6 and 7 here for reference.

It’s a practical overview of the city government, along with its dependencies at the state and federal levels, with homework that emphasizes actually interacting with the political system.

By the end of the class, you will be prepared to move forward as an independent political operator in New York City, although there will still be much to learn.


Introduction to Abundance Politics, MNY10

This is the newest class offering, and the first cohort will run for four weeks (via Zoom) in July 2023. See the course announcement here.

This class is a general four-week survey of American politics (at all levels) for anyone seeking to understand the nature of the field before diving in more deeply. If you wonder about taking The Foundations of New York, this class will serve as great preparation. Or you can confirm for yourself that it’s not for you.

Government, law, and politics do not work the way most people think; reality is stranger than fiction. But the good news: it’s all learnable!

If you want to be more optimistic, informed, and agentic about politics–and to detect bullshit–take this class.

Applications are closed for now!

Practical Parliamentary Procedure, MNY110

Practical Parliamentary Procedure (PPP) is an accelerated introduction to parliamentary procedure and practice, with specific emphasis on “Robert’s Rules of Order,” which is the version of PP that prevails in most (but not all) American institutions.

View the first class announcement if you want to know more.

Sign up to be notified when applications open, likely in the third quarter of 2023.

Maximum Power Broker, MNY-PB

Maximum Power Broker is now ongoing! It’s a large reading group for anyone who’s ever wanted to read Robert Caro’s The Power Broker, but never quite managed it. In this reading group, which runs from April through October 2023, we will read the book together.

See the group announcement here, and contact Daniel if you’d be interested in a future instance of the reading group.